Sunday, May 8, 2011

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Reiki Level I course in Puente Genil, Córdoba

Si este curso ya ha pasado de fecha, consulta la agenda 2011 con los cursos actualizados

Curso Nivel I en Puente Genil,  Córdoba


Qué es Reiki, historia y origen cultural.
Los 5 principios fundamentales del Reiki, cómo funciona, preguntas frecuentes, etc.
El Sistema energético humano, cuerpos sutiles y centros energéticos.
Chakras o centros energéticos y los 7 chakras principales.
Enfermedad y Sanación. Una visión integral de la salud.
Rituales previos a una sesión Reiki
Autotratamiento. Cómo darse Reiki a uno same.
How to give Reiki to another person. Full session.
fast and effective treatment in a very short time.
Balancing the 7 main chakras. Meditation
prior to initiation.
Introduction to Reiki class.
Giving and receiving full treatment group.
Meditation with the chakras. Exercises
protection and purification.
Further Reading.

Every day more people are looking for something different to address their mental health problems, physical and emotional. Tired from a focus on symptoms and not reaching a state of harmony and comprehensive human beings tend to seek a simple, effective and affordable for small to resolve complaints and / or issues that are much more ingrained in our being for years.
Reiki or Healing by laying on of hands is a natural therapy complementary to any medical treatment or pharmacist to help in injury recovery by accelerating the process and reducing nursing time and reduce or even eliminate many ailments and pains both physical and emotional. It is a system that is increasingly present in our lives and in the hospital setting already being applied in many English hospitals.
But Reiki is and can be for you much more than that, it provides a different way of seeing ourselves as human beings and to see everything around us. Through the Universal Life Energy Self-knowledge can reach and connect with our inner selves changing our way of thinking, feeling and seeing life.
With this course you can learn simple techniques and easy to apply from the first day without prior knowledge or academic degree in health specialties.
can learn to solve common minor annoyances in our lives to help you and those around you. And change your approach and way of living your life to a level of harmony and wellness.
can also begin the road to the Masters in order to give Reiki sessions to others in a more professional or even teach you everything you learn with the 3 levels so that every day more people can heal themselves.

Duration: 8 hours.
Held Psychology Center Systems in C / Doctor Ochoa, 7, Puente Genil
Date: Sunday June 5, 1911 to 19 hours with a lunch break mid day that we at the Centre. Everyone brings something and share food together.
recommend bringing light clothing, comfortable socks.
manual is received with theoretical content, Reiki music CD, Video full session, initiation, self-treatment and give and receive Reiki.
diploma certificate is delivered by the English Federation of Reiki.
Investment: 65 euros.
Reserve and registration: If you are interested in attending this course, please book your place by paying half the amount (30 €) before the course by bank transfer in BBVA 0182 5237 91 0201570437 indicando nombre y apellido   o con tarjeta de crédito.
Si realizas el pago del total  del curso con tres días como mínimo de antelación el coste total es de 55 €  ( descuento de 10 € ) .
Inscríbete al curso

Centro de Psicología Sistémica y Terapias Naturales Complementarias
“Luz Maria Navas "
C / Doctor Ochoa, 7
Puente Genil, Córdoba
Tlfn: 957606952 / 685530602


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